Fast delivery of food orders improves the quality of human life - there is always a high demand for this.

This is what makes it a great investment.

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Main advantages

  • Calendar Days profit 3%
  • Total income 150% during 50 days
  • Principal included
  • Fast payouts
  • Simple registration and start

Main advantages

  • Calendar Days profit 1-5%
  • Daily profit grow up every business day on 0.1% , from 2% to 5%
  • Weekend profit 1%
  • Total income 150% during 52-53 days + extra profit
  • Principal included
  • Simple registration and start

Main advantages

  • Total income 500% after 150 days
  • Principal included
  • Payouts after 150 calendar days
  • Simple registration and start

Deliveero research & development company

Deliveero is the most modern solution to organize the food delivery from restaurants. We are dedicated to developing high-quality software based on powerful predictive technology that evaluates the most efficient way to distribute orders based on restaurants, riders and customers location . And today we give everyone the opportunity to become a Deliveero partner and earn money with us. Currently, we are attracting investment and paying high recompenses to all investors.

Our partners

  • India
  • 21 settlements
  • 41 offices
  • USA
  • 26 settlements
  • 34 offices
  • Brazil
  • 15 settlements
  • 30 offices
  • Argentina
  • 16 settlements
  • 35 offices
  • Nigeria
  • 15 settlements
  • 24 offices
  • United kingdom
  • 20 settlements
  • 39 offices
  • France
  • 20 settlements
  • 34 offices
  • Hungary
  • 18 settlements
  • 32 offices
  • Thailand
  • 24 settlements
  • 25 offices
  • China
  • 17 settlements
  • 36 offices
  • Australia
  • 21 settlements
  • 29 offices

How to work with us?

Invest in our company and receive dividends on time. With us, you can earn passive income, the exact amount of which you can calculate before making a deposit.
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Invite investors to Deliveero and get commission from their investments. Introduce our company to your friends and provide an affiliate link to sign up.
We are ready to help you organize fast and high quality food delivery from your establishment. By simply using our software, you can take your business to a fundamentally new level.

Delivery market

Total market volume for food delivery from restaurants within large cities in early 2020 surpassed the $ 70 million. The main analysts predicted the growth of this market at 14.7% per year. The consequences of the pandemic and the quarantine introduced in many countries of the world increased the demand for home delivery, which resulted in a high demand for investment for this industry.

Delivery companies fight for every customer and do their best to win the competition in this market. Investing in the development o software and algorithms to be the first to deliver hot meals to your door.

  • Platform-to-Consumer Delivery
  • Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery

How to become a partner of Deliveero?

Choose a convenient form of cooperation and leave an application
A manager will then contact you to discuss the details of your application
You can start enjoying the many benefits of collaboration with us

Deliveero Team

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Stephen Shaw
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