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Earn passive income of up to 10% of each investment of your referrals on a permanent basis.

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How does it work?

Our affiliate program allows you to earn income without any investment of your funds. Right now, you can start earning capital for future investment or personal purposes on the Deliveero Platform.

Tell your friends and acquaintances about the benefits of working with us and provide your unique referral link for registration. A percentage of each of your partners' deposits will be credited to your account for life. You can receive an up to 10% bonus from one referral deposit.

Get up to 10% referral commission

Referral program for all users
As soon as you create a Deliveero account, you will automatically receive 7% of all deposits from the users you invite. In addition, you will receive 2% of the investments of the second level partners.
Premium Referral Program
Make investments totalling $1,000 or more to earn increased referral rewards. Your accruals will be 10%-3%-1% instead of the standard 7%-2% of all deposits of first and second-tier referrals.

How to get started?

Just create an account on the Deliveero to earn money with the affiliate program. A unique referral link is immediately available in your personal account.
If you want to receive increased referral bonuses, make an investment totalling $1000. If you have not completed this step, then you can use the standard referral program.
Register partners using a referral link, and a percentage of all their investments will automatically be credited to your account. The amount of possible earnings is not limited.

Any other questions?

Our specialists will be happy to provide additional information about the referral program and more. Contact us in any convenient way.

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