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Main advantages

  • Calendar Days profit 3%
  • Total income 150% during 50 days
  • Principal included
  • Fast payouts
  • Simple registration and start

Main advantages

  • Calendar Days profit 1-5%
  • Daily profit grow up every business day on 0.1% , from 2% to 5%
  • Weekend profit 1%
  • Total income 150% during 52-53 days + extra profit
  • Principal included
  • Simple registration and start

Main advantages

  • Total income 500% after 150 days
  • Principal included
  • Payouts after 150 calendar days
  • Simple registration and start

How to earn money by investing:

1 Sign up
Open the registration form and enter the requested data. Check that the information is correct and reliable. After creating a personal account, all the investment options of the Deliveero platform are available to you.
Study the conditions for investing in Deliveero and create an application. Indicate the desired deposit amount (not lower than the set minimum), and then make a payment on the platform.
2. Invest funds
3. Get income
Profit is credited to your balance in your account daily during the entire term of the deposit. You can withdraw your funds at any time after their receipt, or simply re-invest.
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Referral program

Get passive income without investing personal funds. Attract new partners to our company, and a percentage of each of their deposits will be credited to your account. The referral link is in your personal account.

For all investors
Just register on the Deliveero website to earn on the referral program. Get 7% of all investments of the 1st level partners referred to us by you, and 2% of the deposits of 2nd level partners.
For advanced users
When the amount of deposits of the 1st level referrals is over $ 1000, you get an increased referral percentage on an ongoing basis. The remuneration will be accrued in the amount of 10%-3%-1% of the investments of partners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels, respectively.
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What do we do

Deliveero is an international company partnering with food delivery services worldwide. We provide our partners with qualified assistance in the development of their business and entering other markets. The funds of our partners are invested in the most promising sectors.

Deliveero company is engaged in the purchase of equipment for the organization of delivery. We invest in the development of vehicle fleets, the purchase of bicycles and scooters, as well as the production of backpacks. This allows couriers to get to work as quickly as possible - without investment from partner companies.
We consistently offer exciting positions for those seeking a career in food delivery. Deliveero specialists will select for you the best vacancies that are sure to meet your expectations. We only make real offers on behalf of trusted companies.
We provide expert assistance to delivery services poised for expansion and scaling to other markets. Specialists with significant practical experience in the international arena provide professional legal support of your business. This can help to save a significant amount of time and money.

Technical Support

Our support specialists work for you around the clock. Ask any question by contacting us using your preferred method of communication, and we will provide the requested information at our soonest availability.

Deliveero Team

Make life better

As a trusted partner of a food delivery companies, we can help members of the local communities with whom we operate in. Deliveero is funding the free delivery of food and essentials for seniors and people with disabilities. Through our well-established network, we can help make the world a better place.

Comments from investors:

Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel
United States
“I want to thank the Deliveero team for the opportunity to receive additional income. I get the expected percentage of investments on time.”
Vanessa Carlton
Vanessa Carlton
“The ideal company for investments with a high level of profitability. I've created a number of deposits and withdrawn funds from the platform. I'll continue.”
Peter Gabriel
Nikolas Maker
“With Deliveero I've reached the desired level of income very quickly and easily, earning on investments and the referral program, and this is far from the limit. The amounts I get are higher every day.”
Vanessa Carlton
Jim Varlouse
“This is the best platform I've ever invested in. Daily payments allow you to constantly keep funds in circulation and maximize the profit from investments.”
Peter Gabriel
Mary Jakile
“I've discovered Deliveero relatively recently. I've already received my first income and made a new deposit, payments are accrued regularly and on time.”
Vanessa Carlton
Justin Brunson
“Investing in Deliveero has become my main source of income today. I'm planning to increase investment amounts.”

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