Deliveero Privacy Policy

The end-user agreement comprises the rules and regulations that ease the co-operation between thecompany and the user upon compliance. It provides client regulations to the company’s onlineplatform and a list of the company’s products. The company staff has the responsibility to add,delete or modify existing data in this document. However, the firm faces no obligation ofnotifying clients of any change to the user agreement. All guidelines in the contract areapplicable both at the authorized platform and every resource belonging to the firm.More information about the company can be offered by the staff through the firm’s platforms andother third party websites with the company data. These third party websites,,,, Nevertheless, it is importantto note that the company staff have no control over the third party resources and thus theclient agreement is not applicable on their part. By creating an account on the companyplatform, the user automatically accepts the terms provided in this document. Those thatdisagree with these regulations should cease any communication with the firm.

Deliveero informs all stake holders that changes can be made to the end-user agreement withoutprior notice. The customers should thus review the document frequently to find the changes.


All the firm’s resources such as articles, logo designs and symbols, buttons, audio and videofiles, software products, website design and images found on the platform are solely owned byDeliveero. Additionally, they are governed by the global patent laws.

Using platform materials

The services offered by the company platform and the resources found therein can only be utilizedin accordance to the guidelines of this end-user agreement and the privacy policy. Copying anddistributing such information is illegal unless as guided by the end-user agreement.

Reservation of Rights

Deliveero holds the right to suspend any user and terminate all services of the user withouthaving to give any reasons to the user. The products offered on the company platform to usersare subject to change without prior notice to the customers.Initial personal data given by users during registration is kept confidential as per theguidelines of the privacy policy. This information can only be shared though a previous requestby relevant authority in the circumstances specified by law. The Data can be shared for purposessuch as:

  • Compliance with the regulations of Deliveero and other users indicated in this document;
  • Conflict resolution to clarify user details and other information requested in court;
  • for the ensuring technical security, legitimacy and general organizational security;
  • for enhancing the relationship between the company and its employees, clients and thepublic.

Fraud protection

All payments on the platform ofDeliveero are managed by the staff with a strict adherence to thecurrent regulations of financial transactions. This is necessary so as to avoid unlawful andfraudulent activities. If fraudulent or unlawful actions are suspected in a financialtransaction, the firm holds the right to immediately stop the transaction. These regulations areimportant in maintaining the security of employees of Deliveero and the entire public.

Deliveero is not liable of a client’s funds if the client gives access of their personal accountto a third party. Deliveero staff advise clients not to share login details with anyone for thepurpose of maintaining the security of the client’s account.

Return policy

Requests for refunds by customers are taken into account only when they are placed in therecommended period and adhere to the regulations found in the end-user agreement. If the user’sreasons are not warranted, the management refuses to contemplate such a request.

If a conflict resolution between the user and Deliveero is not possible without the presence of athird party, the matter is taken to court. In the event that a legal body decides on theinvalidity of a provision of this document, all other provisions in the document shall staybinding.

General Provisions

By registering on the company website, the client automatically confirms that they are above theage of eighteen years at the time. They also accept that using the platform is legal in thestate in which they reside. The resources made available on theDeliveero platform can only beused for informational, learning and individual purposes.

The user of the platform bears the individual responsibility of tax payment after conductingbusiness on the platform. These payments are remitted in accordance with the tax regulations ofthe state in which the user resides.

A financial operation is completed and irrevocable only when it adheres to the guidelines givenin this document.

An individual can only register for a single account on Deliveero platform. This minimizesincidences of fraud.

If a user fails to follow the guidelines in this contract, the company has the right to stop anyservices of the user. The managers of Deliveero prevent such violations by: controlling theservices of the user account, hold-up of charges, termination of a user account without theright of future reinstatement among others.

Corporations, citizens, establishments and residents of the United States of America will nothave access to Deliveero platform.

Misrepresentation and accessing the Deliveero platform from restricted locations leads toimmediate closure of a user account.

The clients are informed that violating a single rule provided in the privacy policy will lead toa permanent account suspension.

The Deliveero AML Policy is an online framework formed for cryptocurrency banking andtransactions, crypto crediting and investment undertakings through the management specialists.The firm strictly restricts illegal activities by customers such as funds laundering. Thesecurity section of Deliveero manages all finance operations to prevent financing of criminalundertakings and terrorist activities through the platform. (hereinafter - AML policy).

Through special procedures, the security section of Deliveero is able to detect violators of theplatform’s regulations and legal provisions. This is enabled by thoroughly checking everyfinancial operation that goes through the platform. The management is thus able to hinder moneylaundering and other illegal activities on the platform.

The strategy of AML policy involves compulsory data processes to account for the details of thetransaction such as individual data. Other bodies that can request client’s personal data fromDeliveero, apart from the company management include:

  • The Police department and customs;
  • financial intelligence units;
  • ministries and other executive bodies;
  • courts of all instances;
  • supervisory authorities and the central bank;
  • legislative bodies.

The clients are informed of the right of the company staff to ask for more client details for thepurpose of identity verification. The management of Deliveero can ask for such information atany given time.

Deliveero management can request the assistance of law enforcing bodies in the event that aclient fails to adhere to the rules and regulations contained in the AML Policy and end-useragreement. International law dictates that the organization is not obliged to notify the clientthat he/she is under investigation by relevant authorities. A client involved in unlawfulactivities can have their financial transactions cancelled at any stage.

The management of Deliveero holds the right to ask for further details of a client for thepurpose of internal investigations and routine checks. This occurs due to suspicions of illegalactivities of a user by the company management or complaints launched against a user by anotherclient. Further, information can also be demanded from various users for the purpose of studyingthe company’s operations. The management may choose to give the user prior notice before askingfor such information or do it at the company’s discretion.