Terms and conditions

The contract between the company and the client consists of interactive guidelines of relatingwith the firm, guidelines of service provision, online access and details of services provided.The management holds the right to alter any information without prior notice to clients. Thesecontractual conditions are applicable to the website and all sections of this organization.

Agents of the firm bear the responsibility of offering solutions to the clients in the authorizedonline platforms and other third-party websites with the company information such astwitter.com, bitcointalk.org, plus.google.com, facebook.com, instagram.com. Nevertheless, it isimportant to note that these company agents have no control over these resources and thus theclient agreement is not applicable on their part.

The details of this end-user licence and privacy policy become binding automatically to theclients. Users who disagree with any clause should desist from transacting on the companyplatforms and effectively cease any communication with the firm. All clients should watch outfor any change by reviewing document.


All the firm’s resources are governed by the global patent laws. These include articles, logodesign, symbols, buttons, audio and video files, software products, website design andimages.

Use of platform materials

During contact with the organization, the client is prohibited from making copies or distributingany resource owned by the company unless as directed in the end-user licence and the privacypolicy..

Saving rights

The organization holds the right to stop offering its service to any customer or nullify thecustomer’s account without giving any reasons for such a decision. Additionally, theorganization may alter the list of its products without prior notification to the customers.

Private data of the customer is kept in confidentiality and can only be given to a third partyunder specific circumstances such as the following: when a competent individual asks for legalaction; rising matters in complying with regulations during interactions with the firm; for theenhancement of technicalities, legitimacy and security of the organization.

Fraud protection

The management of the organization is responsible for controlling any payments performed on theplatform. This is done by following the company’s regulations for handling financialtransactions. These regulations help in the avoidance of fraudulent activities which areillegal. The organization has a right to decline a financial operation that presents anysuspicious elements that could be fraudulent or unlawful. These control measures help enhanceall the parties in the organization.

For security reasons, the clients are asked to keep their login details confidential.Consequently, the management will not be accountable if a client’s finances are accessed by athird party.

Refund policy

The firm accepts a refund request only if the regulations provided in this document and duringclient application are followed. The firm may deny such a request if there lacks enough evidenceto warrant a refund of funds or at the company’s discretion. If a dispute arises between thefirm and a client that cannot be solved without the presence of a third party, the case shouldbe referred to a court of law. In the event that a legal body decides on the invalidity of anitem of this document, all other provisions in the document shall stay binding.

General provisions

By accepting the terms of this document the client confirms that they are above the age ofeighteen years. Additionally, the client approves that the interactions with the organizationare allowed by the law of the state in which he/she resides.

The resources found on our company website should only be used for education, individual andinformative purposes. The clients bear the responsibility of paying taxes upon conductingbusiness on the company platform. The payment of taxes is applicable in line with the tax rulesof the country in which the client resides. Every transaction performed in accordance with theterms of the end-user agreement is acceptable and irreversible.

A client is only allowed to hold one account on the company website. This helps to minimizechances of fraud and deceit. The firm has the right to stop any service to a client who violatesthe rules contained in the end-user agreement. The management can hold all payments to clients,restrict resources available in the user accounts and establish other control measures toinhibit the violations of the terms of the contract.In the event that a client violates even one clause of the contract, the organization holds theright to suspend the client’s account without the possibility of ever restoring it.

AML policy

The firm is an exchanger that allows anyone with an account to accomplish financial transactions.The organization holds the responsibility of stopping illegal money laundering practices andaverting any illegal dealings that break the law of the state. The firm also hinders anyfinancial operations of a criminal or terrorist nature, (hereinafter - AML policy). Themanagement is keen, through any lawful means, to detect any illegal or fraudulent activitiesthat could be performed on its platforms. Every transaction in the company’s platform isexamined to ensure that it is carried out within the provisions of the law. This securitymeasure prevents money laundering and illegal activities from being carried out on the companyplatform.

AML strategy is concerned with managing the financial transactions through verification of useridentity. It holds the transaction information which can be produced when requested by specificauthorized institutions such as:

  • Police departments, customs and other law enforcement agencies; legislative bodies;ministries and executive authorities; control authorities such as the central bank;financial intelligence units and courts.The management of the company makes it known to every user a possibility to ask for morecredentials to verify the user’s identity at any given time during the communication withthe company. A violation of the AML policy or failure to adhere to the law while using thecompany’s online platform may lead to the transmission of such information to law enforcers.The present international laws dictate that the management has no obligation of informing aviolating client about the notification to the appropriate authorities about his/herunlawful dealings. A detection of funds laundering or any other violation leads to animmediate Termination of any financial transaction requests of the client.
  • The organization holds the right to ask clients for more information for the purpose ofroutine checks or in the case of ongoing investigations. An investigation is initiated whenthe management detects suspicious activities by a user or when a complaint against the useris launched by another client. Further, data can also be demanded from random users for thepurpose of studying the company’s operations. The management may choose to give the userprior notice before asking for such information or do it at the company’s discretion.